Artificially Pass A Drug Screening Exam

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What Is Cocaine?

Many of you are on this page because you want to know what cocaine is? So, don’t worry because today in this post I will clear every topic about cocaine such as:

What is cocaine?

What is the process of consumption?

How it affects someone on the acute or chronic level?

What Is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a chemical which is known as benzoylmethylecgonine. The general formula for this compound is C17H21NO4. Cocaine is usually found in the leaves of the plant known as genus Erythroxylum. The cocaine is usually used for the pain related to mouth or nose. It was historically used for nasal and eye surgery as an anesthetic. If you are a regular user, you may want to check out to get fake urine. Cocaine can increase the level of alertness, energy, and attention. You will find cocaine in many forms but the most common form cocaine is found as a fine white powder.

What Is The Process Of Consumption?

Now that you know what is cocaine? It’s essential to know what is the process of consumption.

1.Most users snort white powder just into their nose.

2.Dissolving it in water and injecting with a needle.

3.Heating up the rock crystal and breathing the smoke just into the lungs.(highly damaging method: just taking it directly into lungs)

How It Affects A Someone?

It usually affects a person on the acute level and chronic level.

1.Acute level: On the acute level, the user may suffer from the following problems:


-Talking Excessively


-Bad Mood

-Loss of smelling power and the user may bleed through nose

-User may suffer trouble to swallow


-Heart disease like heart attacks and stroke can also happen

-Hallucination may also happen

2.Chronic Level: If the user is taking cocaine for the longer period then he or she may suffer from the following problems:

-It can damage the lungs of the user

-It can also damage the heart of the user

-User can suffer from liver problems

-Several brain problems may also happen

If you need help or needs someone to talk to in order to overcome something like this you should seek medical attention. The most professional person would be a doctor.

How to pass a drug test – Don’t be in a hurry

The most common drug test and the easiest to pass is the urine test. To beat the urine test, you need to ensure that the urine sample you give has the lowest concentration of THC. Usually, the first urine your body produces has the highest concentration of drug elements. It may be a good idea to consult with someone on how to pass a saliva drug test. While ceasing from drug use is the most effective way to pass the test, the test maybe earlier than the time needed by the body to self-cleanse. In the event where the test is sooner, you should ensure your body is well hydrated such that by the time you go for the test you have urinated most of the drug content in your urine. You should ensure you drink a lot of water 30 minutes to 1 hour before the test to ensure you urinate as many times as possible. Also, if the monitoring is not intense then ensure that you do not offer the first stream of your urine for the test.

You should urinate in the toilet then collect the last flow. This is most advisable because the first stream is more concentrated compared to the last stream and hence more likely to test positive. Additionally, you could purchase a couple of urine testing kits which can detect THC or other drug substances in your urine to help you track your cleansing process. With these kits, you can know how far you are in your preparation and will help determine when you’re ready for the test. However, these kits may not be of so much help if you have the test in a couple of hours.

Natural detoxification

This mostly applies if the test is in a couple of days to a month. In this case, you can naturally cleanse your body by abstaining from the drugs and use the hydration method to ensure your body is constantly getting cleansed. Over time, your body will naturally clean and detoxify itself and urine without having to use other substances to clear the urine. One thing with THC is that it’s soluble, and hence the majority of its traces are stored in the body’s fatty cells, meaning they remain there for some time. If you choose to detox naturally, then moderate to high-intensity exercise cupped with diet is highly recommended to burn the fat and hence release the trapped THC components which will then be flushed out when you regularly hydrate.

Use of Detoxifiers

If you do not have more than a week, then natural detoxification cannot help you. You need an elaborate detoxification program if you are to pass the test. Having a program to guide you during the detox process will speed up the cleansing and get you ready just in time. Detoxifiers boost your body’s natural detoxification and in the process help your body eliminate the THC content in your body in seven days or less. The best thing about these programs is they come with home testing kits which will help you track your progress and help you verify that your body is clean.

There are also other emergency products made for people who want to cleanse their bodies in 24 hours. Although not proven to be 100% effective, they come in handy when you need to get rid of any traces of drugs from your system. However, many times these products are sold at a prescription meaning that if you go to a store and say you want to beat a drug test you might not be allowed to purchase them.

These products include detox drinks which are served on the doctor’s prescription. They are recommended for moderate and light consumers who can take one shot of the drinks. The prescription takes to account the weight of the person taking them due to the big amounts of creatine and vitamin B2 present in the detox drinks. These two components help mask the drug content in the diluted urine after hydrating. The components also contain high amounts of dietary fiber which can be essential in the excretion or removal of THC from the system. Many people as the question, does toxin rid work? However, you need to consume the detox drinks 5 hours before the test.

Due to their potency and power, the detox drinks are likely to result in some side effects which include diarrhea a few days after consumption. This is the price to pay if you chose to go with the detoxification products from the store.